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Windows Phones cannot send a change and receive one in the same request


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      1. Have usera synchronized with a WP8 without the label "Pas à jour" displayed. For that, create an account and remove the push mode by selecting "manual" as synchronization frequency.
      2. usera has a contact in its address book synchronized with its OBM account

      Reproduction steps

      1. As usera with WP8, modify the contact synchronized with its OBM
      2. As usera with WP8, create a contact named "wp new"
      3. As usera with ui, create a contact named "ui new"
      4. As usera with WP8, synchronize

      Current behavior

      1. NOK the device show the label "Pas à jour" on the account
      2. NOK if you force a new synchronization on the device, you can see in logs that it tries to create/modify again and again contacts
        14:04:02.951 [INFO ] {REQUEST.FULL} [t27681/cSync/r23278/thilaire@linagora.com] <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Sync>
        <FileAs>Ptod2, Wp</FileAs>
        <FileAs>Plus, Wp</FileAs>

      Expected behavior

      1. OK All changes are received from both sides
      2. OK There is no label "Pas à jour" on the account
      3. OK you force the synchronization again and again, it'll not try to perform changes on contacts

      Additional informations

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