Release Notes - Opush - Version 3.0.2 - HTML format


  • [OP-9] - The state of a device should be kept for every synckeys during a windowing
  • [OP-71] - T#10591 Lose of email synchronization when an email is dropped during a windowing
  • [OP-73] - CLONE 3.0 - Resource leak when the request doesn't reach an opush servlet
  • [OP-74] - CLONE 3.0 - Always close the httpclient when the scenario is done
  • [OP-75] - CLONE 3.0 - Usage of CRaSH can leak file descriptors
  • [OP-80] - IMAP authentification error show the user password
  • [OP-82] - T#9976 Implement support for attachments of attached emails
  • [OP-83] - T#10784 Cannot find expected response in imap results
  • [OP-87] - T#10743 Create a snapshot on first synckey
  • [OP-97] - A allday event created on iOS is created the day before
  • [OP-111] - Resources can be closed in a non expected order
  • [OP-124] - Embedded messages (Content-Type: message/rfc822) are not handled correctly


  • [OP-64] - T#10535 Support configuring the max number of results returned by a LDAP search
  • [OP-66] - T#10350 A Sync with a broken event should not return an global error
  • [OP-76] - T#10055 Missing Index on sync_key in opush_folder_sync_state
  • [OP-81] - T#9974 Use obm-sync's storeContact endpoint in opush
  • [OP-84] - Ensure that data inserted into cassandra expire
  • [OP-100] - Passwords should be logged as *** in all logs
  • [OP-104] - Cassandra 2.1
  • [OP-105] - Render the cassandra client read timeout configurable
  • [OP-120] - Make Cassandra startup waiting time configurable for tests


  • [OP-85] - T#10719 Check why opush returns HTTP 401 when there's a SQL error in obm-sync
  • [OP-91] - Tag and build 3.0.2-X
  • [OP-94] - Upgrade OBM dependencies based on recent logger-module (OBMFULL-6135)
  • [OP-98] - Documentation upgrade to link to real rpm repository
  • [OP-110] - Benchmark of 3.0.2
  • [OP-115] - Improve our documentation
  • [OP-116] - Non-regression tests OPush 3.0.2-RC

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