[OP-233] Create an existing but non-subscribed folder, should subscribe to it Created: 07/Mar/16  Updated: 11/May/16  Resolved: 08/Apr/16

Status: Closed
Project: Opush
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Fix Version/s: 3.2.0

Type: Improvement Priority: Normal
Reporter: Thomas HILAIRE Assignee: Thomas HILAIRE
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Reproduction steps

  1. As usera with RC, create a mail folder 'custom'
  2. As usera with RC, I move an email to this folder
  3. As usera with RC, unsubscribe to it
  4. As usera with opush, try to create the folder 'custom'

Current behavior

  1. NOK nothing happen on the device, or a "failed" message is shown

Expected behavior

  1. OK the folder appears on the device, and you can sync its emails
  2. OK the folder is subscribed on RC too

Additional informations

11:31:32.324 [ERROR] {o.o.p.h.FolderCreateHandler} [t147/cFolderCreate/r111/usera@obm40.lyn.lng] Cannot create two times a folder.
org.obm.push.exception.activesync.FolderAlreadyExistsException: Cannot create two times a folder.
        at org.obm.push.mail.MailBackendImpl.createFolder(MailBackendImpl.java:915) ~[push-mail-3.1.1.jar:na]
        at org.obm.breakdownduration.BreakdownDurationInterceptor.invoke(BreakdownDurationInterceptor.java:58) ~[breakdown-duration-3.1.2.jar:na]
        at org.obm.push.HierarchyExporter.createFolder(HierarchyExporter.java:82) ~[push-core-3.1.1.jar:na]
        at org.obm.push.handler.FolderCreateHandler.createFolder(FolderCreateHandler.java:136) ~[push-core-3.1.1.jar:na]
        at org.obm.push.handler.FolderCreateHandler.process(FolderCreateHandler.java:97) ~[push-core-3.1.1.jar:na]
        at org.obm.push.handler.WbxmlRequestHandler.process(WbxmlRequestHandler.java:100) ~[push-core-3.1.1.jar:na]
        at org.obm.push.ActiveSyncServlet.processActiveSyncMethod(ActiveSyncServlet.java:258) ~[push-core-3.1.1.jar:na]
        at org.obm.push.ActiveSyncServlet.doPost(ActiveSyncServlet.java:174) ~[push-core-3.1.1.jar:na]
        at org.obm.annotations.transactional.TransactionalInterceptor.managerTransaction(TransactionalInterceptor.java:87) ~[annotations-3.1.2.jar:na]
        at org.obm.annotations.transactional.TransactionalInterceptor.invoke(TransactionalInterceptor.java:73) ~[annotations-3.1.2.jar:na]
        at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:707) [javax.servlet-api-3.1.0.jar:3.1.0]

Comment by Thomas HILAIRE [ 07/Apr/16 ]

Impacts: Folder creation
QA: What I've tested with a GS6

  • folder creation from the device
  • sub folder creation from the device
  • creation from the device of an existing AND ALREADY subscribed folder
  • creation from the device of an existing BUT NOT subscribed folder
  • create folder -> sync emails from it -> unsubscribe this folder (from RC) -> sync folders (the folder should disappear on the device) -> recreate it from the device
Comment by Jenkins Continuous Integration Server [ 08/Apr/16 ]

UNSTABLE: Integrated in opush-master-3.1 #43
OP-233 Subscrib when a folder exist as unsubscribed (thilaire: 810b46c175d1dde302bfc6b4fec4d753fde7cc04)

  • integration-testing/opush/src/test/java/org/obm/opush/command/sync/SyncTestUtils.java
  • push-mail/src/main/java/org/obm/push/mail/MailBackendImpl.java
  • integration-testing/opush/src/test/java/org/obm/opush/command/sync/folder/FolderCreateHandlerTest.java
Comment by Stephane COLSON [ 28/Apr/16 ]

OK, tested with iPhone 5 (iOS 9) and SGS6 (Android 6)

Comment by Jenkins Continuous Integration Server [ 11/May/16 ]

ABORTED: Integrated in opush-master #262
OP-233 Subscrib when a folder exist as unsubscribed (thilaire: ee8039aefb122f7ceac8f42d696bc7e2a1755ce1)

  • push-mail/src/main/java/org/obm/push/mail/MailBackendImpl.java
  • integration-testing/opush/src/test/java/org/obm/opush/command/sync/folder/FolderCreateHandlerTest.java
  • integration-testing/opush/src/test/java/org/obm/opush/command/sync/SyncTestUtils.java
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